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Career Warriors® is a specialist consulting business that provides

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We want to help you make choices and take action so that you get to do your best work.

We started helping people way back in 2002. Most of them were losing jobs and didn't know what to do next. But as we grew, we discovered that many more people had choices to make and didn't know what to do.

Many were in good jobs but had stopped growing and wanted more challenge and the opportunity to make a bigger difference. Others were studying further to make a more significant contribution but weren't always sure what that was, or how to find the work they really wanted. Many were 'busting their gut' in the corporate workplace without making progress, and were not sure why. Those facing retirement were not ready to lay down tools and wanted to continue making a difference they cared about.

We now work with Corporations, Business Schools and career professionals of all ages.

We offer a powerful range of programmes, consultations and conversation groups to support organisations and individuals. They all follow the Career Warriors Action System, a comprehensive set of systems and processes to help you make choices and take action in your work life.

We do not use any psychometric testing, but rather a comprehensive system of processes to support career, behaviour and business choices.

We recognise that a career is not a single decision, but a series of choices as the workplace changes and as you change. Careers are no longer linear or even predictable. Employers can no longer, even with the best intentions, provide the job security they used to. Career ownership, change-fitness, self-sufficiency and resilience are the new imperatives. Downsizing continues worldwide. When organisations are forced to let employees go, they often do the best they can. Yet many good people are left with CVs and training allowances, but no plan to move forward.

The so-called soft skills in the workplace are no longer soft. The adage that we hire people for their skills and fire them for their behavioural faults turns out to be true more often than we admit. Emotional intelligence, leadership, ownership and accountability are all translated into behaviour.

Developing the ability to manage your emotions and your behaviour in the workplace is an essential career-promoting competency. To empower others, to get things done and achieve results is how business works. Those who can manage themselves, build productive work relationships and get results will always be sought after in the modern workplace.

Career Warriors® is committed to support careers holistically. We believe that careers are not just a choice or a qualification, but a place of contribution, of personal fulfilment and of creating value. We believe that work is not just what you do between weekends; it's what you do to make a difference and to earn a living as you do so.

Andrew Bramley heads Career Warriors®, a business he established after 15 years as Andrew Bramley Career Consultants. He has worked with businesses across South Africa and presents public workshops on Career and LIFE/Work planning at the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business and the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Andrew has an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch, where he achieved distinction for his thesis 'Career Management, the key to peak performance'. He also has a B.A (Law and English) and a Diploma for Educators of Adults from the University of Cape Town. He held specialist and general management positions in business and has travelled widely to share learning with other consultants internationally.

He received generous teaching and mentoring over many years from the late Dick Bolles, author of What Color is your Parachute, which remains the best-selling job hunting book in the world. He also worked with John Webb in Germany where LIFE/Work planning programmes are offered through German Universities to continuing education students. Andrew worked for many years with Lidia Vosloo, a Clinical Psychologist and the Doyenne of Executive Assertiveness in South Africa. His facilitation of work around behaviour choice in the workplace with individuals, teams and organisations remains a premium offering and is a life-changing experience for many people.

Career Warriors® is dedicated to helping people find work they love and to take responsibility for their careers, their behaviour and ultimately, their lives.

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