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The four career problems

When your career doesn’t work, it really helps to know what’s wrong before you start to make new and maybe impulsive choices.

You can end up changing jobs or head off into a new career direction, only to find that you have taken the problem with you and you haven’t solved it at all. A job that doesn’t work can make you irritable, sick and tired. And the longer you leave the problem, the more it can wear you down.

We have discovered over nearly eighteen years of consulting that there are four main problems people face in their work lives; managing themselves, making choices, taking action and finding work.


The first problem many people face in their careers is managing themselves.

You may have discovered that after moving jobs many times and never making real progress or ever feeling fulfilled, that you are getting in your own way.

Maybe you lack confidence and continually feel the need to prove yourself by being right. Or perhaps you don’t speak up or contribute actively. Maybe you take on too much and wear yourself out. Or maybe you just rub people up the wrong way and you can’t work out why.

The truth is that wherever you go, there you are. The problem ends up being not your job, the organisation, your gender, your qualifications, your boss or even your career choice, but your own behaviour choices.

Your behaviour choices and your attitude may be sabotaging you and it’s time to set that right.


The second problem many people face is making decisions, not just once in their lives, but every time they face a new career crossroad or opportunity.

Many people never make a decision at all. They say things like: ‘I don’t know what I really want, but it’s not this’ or ‘I never knew what I wanted to do, still don’t!’

You may have followed the next job, the next promotion or the next good offer. But the truth is you still feel unfulfilled, disconnected and frustrated by the work you do.


The third problem people face is taking action.

Albert Einstein famously said ‘Nothing changes until something moves’

Many people with vast amounts of knowledge, know-how, ideas, dreams and passion never seem to achieve things that matter to them. They spend a lot of energy talking, dreaming, promising, but without taking the action they need to get there.

A familiar bumper sticker reads ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. Now we know that everything starts with a dream, but if you never take action you will never achieve anything that is really important to you.

The thought of taking action may feel scary and overwhelming to you. Or maybe you simply don’t know where to start. 


The final problem is finding work.

Whether you are an individual or a business, being without work can be demoralising and it’s easy to lose hope when it continues for too long. 

You may be looking for work of any kind. Or you may be currently employed and looking for the job you really want. You may also be marketing yourself within your existing organisation. Or perhaps you are looking for more work as a business owner.

Your difficulty may be communicating clearly what you can offer. Or you may be very clear about what you have to offer but are having difficulty finding people who need what you do and are willing to pay you.


To help you resolve these problems, we have designed a comprehensive system called ‘The Career Warriors® Action System’ depicted by the image of a bow and arrow.  

The power of the system comes from pulling the arrow backwards to provide the momentum that propels it towards the target. That’s You; your ability to manage and lead yourself. The more personal power the arrow has, the faster and straighter it will fly, often flying through obstacles on its way.

The bow is made up of the Decisions you make and and the Action you take. The more clarity you have about your decisions and the more focused action you take, the more stable and directed your arrow will be to hit the target.   

The target is of course to find the Work you are looking for.

The Career Warriors® Action System provides two practical systems to resolve each problem. These systems can be used separately and in any order depending on what you want to resolve.


The A.D.U.L.T. Leadership System™

This system will help you gain insight into your own behaviour and that of other people. You will learn how to replace beliefs that may be sabotaging you and how to make behaviour choices to lead yourself more proactively and work productively with other people.

Learning to make better behaviour choices, to challenge your thinking and to manage your emotions will give you the confidence and the ability to make better choices not only in your career, but in your life.

The ability to build relationships in the workplace, make decisions and empower both yourself and other people are critical workplace skills. And if you can’t lead yourself, how will you lead other people?

Our four-day Assertive Leadership Programme (full-time or modular) is a powerful personal journey about behaviour, beliefs, achieving results for yourself and empowering other people to do the same.

Assertiveness is not about being aggressive or difficult, but about finding workable compromises that empower yourself and other people to get results.

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Have the Self-Help conversations under the categories ‘Your behaviour choices’ and ‘Managing your energy’ 

The C.H.A.N.G.E. Manager™

This system will help you to manage change proactively in your career and in your business. It will help you understand the impact of change and develop a strategy for yourself, your team and your organisation to work with change rather than against it.

Those who cannot deal with change in themselves or in their organisations are disabled in the current workplace. The nature of work and business is far too dynamic for that not to be true.

Whether you are driving culture change, restructuring your organisation, driving change in your team or dealing with change in your own life, this is a critical part of your toolkit.

Have the Self-Help conversations under the categories ‘Your behaviour choices’ and ‘Managing your energy’ 


The H.E.A.R.T. Leader™

This system will help you work out what you really want from your career so that you can make better choices along the way.

Some people know from an early age what they want to do. And they get it right. Then there are the rest of us, who need to work it out along the way.

You will make career choices many times in your life, so mastering the tools to make better choices will serve you many times over. It’s never too late to make new choices, so you can use this at any stage of your life.

When you make choices that are good for you, you start to grow, you make a contribution that matters to you and through your work you help make the world a better place.

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Have the Self-Help conversations under the categories ‘Making new choices’ and ‘Your business ideas’ 

The S.K.I.L.L.S. Synthesizer™

This system will help you identify the skills you enjoy using, are good at and want to develop in order to make your best contribution in the workplace.

This system focuses very specifically on what you want to DO and helps you identify your best functional skills.

Since you will have many skills, the trick is to synthesize and make sense of those skills you want to use at work so they are easy to explain and allow you to match them to current and future roles.


The D.A.T.A. Activator™

This system will help you explore career alternatives in your organisation, investigate fields of work that interest you or perhaps test projects that may offer you growth and opportunity.

This system is focused on gathering information and data. We believe that hope comes from having alternatives and this system will help you generate those.

Have the Self-Help conversations under the category ‘Your career development’ 

The A.C.T.I.O.N. Weaver™

This system will help you test career goals, develop a career development plan and take focused action to achieve your career and business objectives.

This system is about taking ongoing action to drive your choices. Developing your career is not unlike weaving a carpet, one action and one job at a time. Careers often take years of work and effort before they become established and this will help you do that.

When you start to take action, you will feel more in control of your life, you will begin to create new opportunities and I believe you will attract apparent co-incidences and people who can help you.

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Have the Self-Help conversations under the category ‘Your career development’ 


The Gift W.R.A.P. Guru™.

This system will help you package and communicate clearly what you can do for your organisation or for potential employers and clients. This includes how you present yourself in CVs, interviews and on social media.

It will help you coherently package what you do, what you want and what kind of person you are. Many people have beautifully crafted CVs and online profiles, but it remains difficult to work out what they are good at, what they want, and what kind of employer they are looking for.

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Have the Self-Help conversations under the category ‘Your job hunt’ 

The D.A.T.I.N.G. Driver™

This system will help you find people who need what you do, build relationships with current and potential employers and develop a strategy to find work that matters to you.

We have used the word ‘dating’ since job hunting is often like dating. You have two people looking at each other, thinking ‘Do I want to see you again?’ This system is about actively marketing yourself to prospective employers or clients. There are different ways of connecting with prospective employers and some methods work better than others in different situations.

Many people who are very active on social media and who network with enthusiasm, remain unemployed, either as individuals or as businesses.

Once you learn to job hunt with focus and action, you are on your way to not only finding work, but finding work that allows you to make your best contribution.

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Have the Self-Help conversations under the category ‘Your job hunt’


I established Career Warriors to help people at all stages of life make more inspiring choices about their careers and their behaviour in the workplace.  I believe that true Career Warriors have three core qualities.

Firstly, they seek purpose in their own lives and in the world around them. Secondly, they have tools and know how to use them. And then they are courageous and willing to take action, to make mistakes as they learn and keep going when the going gets tough.

Career Warriors we believe are therefore purposeful, self-propelled and brave. If you are ready to make some brave choices, here are some resources to help you.


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