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Make better behaviour choices

Make better decisions in your career

Become more proactive in your career 

Develop more productive work relationships

Lead and empower other people more effectively 

Embrace and drive inclusive change in your business 

Create a business culture that is collaborative and results-focused    

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postquoteThank you for the career planning course that you presented yesterday. I found your sense of humour and down-to-earth style to be most engaging! The day passed much too quickly, but the skills you taught were very practical. The course has confirmed my current career planning, which heads towards change management and general consulting – quite in line with your talk! (Public Workshop)



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postquoteJust wanted to say we had a fabulous session with Andrew. There were about 35 participants and it’s a pity that not all of them were there. We have received a fantastic framework to set us on the path of where we want to be. So thank you again for organizing this. You can expect people to visit you for further information or guidance. (Business School)

postquoteThe Training Manager and I experienced an overwhelming buzz when we visited the programme on Friday. The staff were believers in ALP and started to see life in a different light. They are realizing that dealing with conflict is not scary and giving appreciation is simple. They are back in the office with new energy. From us as a management team, thank you. You are very special and have a unique approach in getting this information across. (Corporate Client)


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