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“Thanks Andrew, thank you so much for your input. The feedback has been amazing from this group. You have touched the people deeply. You are quite amazing. Thanks again.” (Corporate Assertive Leadership Programme)

“Hi Andrew, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you afforded me in attending Assertive Leadership. I really appreciate it. I found the course extremely useful and beneficial, and hope to use the skills in my work and personal life. Thanks again for the course which was extremely well presented by yourself. You are excellent at your job!”  (Open Assertive Leadership Programme)

“Good morning Andrew and colleagues. A huge thank you for last week. Not only was it empowering, but the structure allowed us to get to know each other better and bond as a team, so thank you Andrew for that. Stay blessed!!!” (Assertive Leadership Programme)

“I echo my colleague’s sentiments and want to thank you for the most exhausting training ever received? I say that tongue in cheek, however it was quite an emotional journey. I have learned valuable lessons and will try my best to apply. My goal is definitely to create win-win results.” (Assertive Leadership Programme)

[Email] “I would like to express my gratitude to you first of all for allowing me to attend the Andrew Bramley course last week. I found it very interesting, it was well structured and I really enjoyed the mix of theory and practical work. I believe I have taken away a lot of positive things from the course and have been able to identify in my private life (as well as work) ways to put the lessons into practice. Andrew Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I have found the experiencing powerful and thoroughly enjoyable No words can describe the appreciation.  I know that you will continue to provide this wonderful opportunity to others everywhere because you do have a gift that needs to be heard. As I have mentioned to you I have been fortunate enough to have attended a number of courses aimed at providing insight and guidance into leadership, but none has provided a lasting impression in the way you portrayed. The depth of understanding and the ability to convey that understanding so that it makes sense to everyone present left me ready, willing and able to make positive changes to my work and my personal life. The role plays were definitely much enjoyed as real-life scenarios enables a better understanding into achieving the best results.  What was amazing is that you touched on all the right stuff and the current situation we all faced it was so real. You have changed my mind and without force to put the learning into practice and reap the benefits not only as individuals but also as team members and leaders.” (Corporate Assertive Leadership Programme)

“I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for last week. You are an excellent facilitator and I learned so much from listening to the way you say things. You use words very well and in such a kind way. Your tone of voice instils confidence and is so gentle that I never felt intimidated or criticised. This resulted in my being able to take in so much information and nuggets of knowledge for future and even immediate use/practice. The course was life affirming for me in many ways, as I mentioned to you, and enlightening in other ways. My sincere thanks and warm regards, also, to your wonderful team. (Corporate Assertive Leadership Programme)

“I just wanted to touch base and remind you of the influence that your courses have on people. I attended one of your courses last year at the GSB, and have looked to use the enlightenment which you empowered us with. You provided us (well me anyway) with the tools to ask the right questions, and have the proper courage. Since that wet day, it was a friend of mine who introduced me to the company I now work for. It was through him that I managed to get this position in January, and so have embarked on a new passionate line of work. So I just wanted to give you some feedback, and again say thank you for your influence on that day. I have even looked to impart those lessons on others.” (Business School Workshop)

“I was one of the people retrenched from [company] and I had the luck to be able to participate in your course. Shortly afterwards I went for the first interview for a job that sounded too good to be true…then all of a sudden got an invite for the second interview… in Paris, no less! I got the job! I want to thank you for the confidence you helped me regain…as you can see, it WORKED!” (Corporate support Programme)

“I don’t know if you remember me but I thought I’d catch up with you and bring you up to speed with regards to how I’m doing! At first I thought retrenchment was going to be the end of me but your guidance during the horrible decision- making process and what I learnt on your course has been invaluable. I am loving it at [Company] and am glad I hung in there and did not move to another city. I just thought I’d drop you a line and say thank you for being so patient and challenging me to question my commitment.” (Corporate support Programme)

“Thanks again for a wonderfully inspiring and thought provoking session. This is all that I have been talking about over the last couple of days. The workshop allowed me to gain understanding and made conscious of a number of issues I’ve been avoiding. It has really helped me to listen to my inner voice, trust my intuition more and believe that whatever I decide to do, I’ll be able to do. Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity. You have a gift and wonderful way of working with people.” (Business School)

“I really enjoyed the day, losing all track of time. This rarely happens to me. I now have new courage to go with what my heart tells me to do, even if it goes against conventional wisdom. Thanks for creating the opportunity to have such a stimulating day.” (Business School)

“Thank you so much for your wise words and helpful tools you left with me… …it was a great reminder of doing what is right and to never stop believing in myself. Your workshop came at a critical time in my life, as I am exploring what really drives me, and what I love doing the most.” (Business School)

“Thank you for sharing your generosity in sharing your time, gifts and insights on Saturday. I found it very valuable. Also, I found many similar trends in the notes in the questions asked. It was just a confirmation. I know that I will need training and guidance, and I will be stepping out of my comfort zone, I am looking forward to the challenge.” (Business School Workshop)

“Thank you for the career planning course that you presented yesterday. I found your sense of humour and down-to-earth style to be most engaging! The day passed much too quickly, but the skills you taught were very practical. The course has confirmed my current career planning, which heads towards change management and general consulting – quite in line with your talk!” (Business School)

“Thank you for the most informative and enjoyable workshops you ran for us the past 3 nights. Although you concluded the session tonight stating that most of what you had presented was common sense, what you presented made a whole lot more sense than common sense – extraordinary sense perhaps. I would certainly love to have coffee with you one day to continue our conversation.” (Business School Series)

“I really enjoyed your course and have gained a broader perspective of my life and I need to enjoy and embrace each chapter.” (Open career programme)

“Your inspired career management programme lives up to its name. But more than that, and far more importantly, the programme helped me find an inner core of peace and confidence which I badly needed to find. The finding is not complete – there is still work to do here – but the past few days started me on the path of finding that me that I remember from a few years ago. And judging by everyone’s obvious reluctance to leave yesterday, I am not the only one. It was wonderful to watch my classmates progress from being tense, unhappy individuals to a very supportive group, with the members relaxing, and certainly appearing to find something within themselves that they needed to find.” (Business School Programme)

“I have finally settled into a great job which I am very passionate about. I was able to sell myself thanks to your great day. I have now a great view of a harbour from every window which was on my wish list.” (Open career workshop)

“Just a short note to say thank you for the course which I attended last Friday. I found the information most interesting and your relaxed style of lecturing along with the classical music made it a day to remember.” (Open career workshop)

“Thank you very much for your inspiring course today. You really helped me find direction, and have really motivated me to go forward. I can see that one of your anchors must be to help people because your sincerity shines through and you definitely helped me.” (1-day introductory career workshop)

“Thank you for the instructive and inspiring course on Saturday. I am currently studying Career Counselling and used your course as an ‘informational exercise’, finding out how other Career Counsellors apply their skills. The bonus was that the tools used during the day highlighted that I should not only coach individuals. I have 13 year’s business and sales experience which is valuable and can be used in the corporate environment.” (Pro Bono work)

“On behalf of [Organisation] I thank you for the most valuable contribution you made to our work. We are always amazed at your enthusiasm and stamina! I heard from [participant] that he was pleased to expose his recently matriculated son to the world of job seeking before he goes on to study further. He also suggested that the lady with counselling skills might apply to the Police for employment. You obviously got him networking!” (Pro Bono work)

“Thank you for your fantastic workshop on Saturday. I have got so many emails from people saying how valuable and enjoyable the workshop was.” (Business School)

“Thank you so much for a workshop that I think will be life changing for me. Your workshop was really practical and caused quite a few light-bulb-moments for the majority of us. I left there excited and apprehensive at the same time.” (Business School)

“Just a note to say thank you very much for the training on Saturday. It was practical, well planned, very informative and inspirational. I can now be more sure and defined on my skills and interests and work with a plan of action to get closer to my end goal and mission.” (Business School)

“Just wanted to say THANKS very much for the very informative and useful workshop on Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed it. While I have long had a copy of What Color is your Parachute, it was great to be able to actually share the experiences with a group.” (Business School)

“Thank you again for your motivating words and very kind note. I’m still impressed and fascinated by your genuine and kind interest in all of us. But let me tell you this, I’ve already planned my first step. I’ll move to Berlin!!! I’ve been thinking about it for such a long time. I believe it is the time for doing it. I feel the fear but do it anyway! I’ll keep you updated as promised.” (Career Workshop Munster, Germany)

“There are three things I want to tell you. I really enjoyed the workshop on Friday. Thanks for that. It was superb. I want to discover even more about career planning and my husband wants to follow me in this. In other words, we would like to register for the two week programme ASAP.” (Open 1-day career programme)

“Thank you for a life-changing experience. I know now that I must be CEO of my own career. Gone are the days of waiting for a position to attract my attention. I will discover my skills, interests, etc. and go and market myself. The name Andrew Bramley would always be a part of my life changing moments.” (Business School session)

“This is just a quick e mail to thank you so much for all the time and attention you gave to [name] while he was on the course with you. He was in his words “far more positive and feeling much more focused, and not so directionless” at the end of the course. I know that you gave [name] extra time and attention and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it.”

“Just wanted to say we had a fabulous session with Andrew, it ended at 6.50pm. There were about 35 students and it’s a pity that not all of them were there. We have received a fantastic framework to set us on the path of where we want to be. So thank you again for organizing this. You can expect people to visit you for further information or guidance.” (Business School)

“I would like to thank you again for an enlightening workshop. I went home with a profound sense of hope. I know that the road ahead will not be easy but now I can decide the road which I’ll follow.” (Business School)

“Andrew, thank you for a very informative and riveting workshop on Saturday.” (Business School)

“Thank you so much for the most enlightening workshop on Saturday. I feel empowered! As discussed with you at the end of the day, I am considering doing an MBA or specializing further in medicine.” (Customized MBA Programme).

“The Career Planning Workshop (Business School Career Programme) was a toss-up between taking the extra time out and attending, or flaking out and going home early for some much needed R&R. Thankfully I am one of those individuals who are always keen to try new things and relish the prospect of finding out how much blood I can tap from a stone. The last three nights went by surprisingly quickly which means I loved it and I could do with a healthy dose of your seminar every few days. I am excited by the prospect of applying what I can to my life and waiting to see what the results will be. I am sure it will be astounding. I was permanently perched at the edge of my seat. Thanks for awakening my true dreams and showing me what I really love about life and what I could do for extended periods in my day. Recently I’ve been puzzled by this and find I don’t “enjoy” my work that much. This rude awakening occurred when I became a mother and alas a “single” one at that. The latter rather unexpectedly. Nonetheless it’s a riveting experience that has left my heart buoyant albeit ambitious with little room for the incidentals and those joyful moments without purpose. (Remember laughing with wild abandon). You are great at what you do and a personal blessing in my life. I pray that with God’s strength I will accomplish my dreams and bring the “wow” back into my life. You have made it just that much more REAL. Ciao and post back the template so I can get my act together and get the “mula” rolling in on the conveyor belt. Love and light.”

“Monday was like no other day I have had in my life. The initial intent was turned on its head. It was super to see you in action. [Name] was most surprised and couldn’t quite get a hold on what was going on whilst we were there. Thank you for the kick in the pants. Your manner is easy going and totally non-confrontational. Thanks again.” (Evening Business School Session)

“On behalf of the committee of Operation Employment I write to thank you for presenting such an excellent course for our unemployed members. We really appreciate the fact that you gave so generously of your time, giving us a whole Saturday – and more. We feel sure that those attending will have benefited immensely, both in job seeking skills and personal motivation. It was interesting to see the release of worry on the faces of participants and to observe the interactive participation in everyone. May God continue to go with you in your work of helping people make the most of themselves.” (Pro Bono work)

“I’ve just finished the career workshop with you and I’m inspired and motivated to say the least. I’ve spent the last six years working for the same company and the last 4 years in the same occupation. It is definitely time for a change! Answering the last question in your manual, “Do you want it badly enough to pay the price?” I definitely want it badly enough, and the practice interview sessions will start tomorrow. I really believe that this type of insight at a young developing age will definitely encourage the youth to think about these things earlier in life. I take my case in particular. I attended career exhibitions and throughout my high school career I attended these exhibitions, however to no avail. Today I am still frustrated due to not knowing what exactly it is that I want to do. After these last 3 evenings, I now at least have some genuine knowledge of how to go about gaining insight and experience in a particular field that I might be interested in. So thank you!” (Business School Career Workshop)

“In answer to your question re adapting what you did for us to a younger age group – absolutely relevant and value-adding!! I don’t even think you should give it a second thought.” (Medical Specialist on Public Career Programme)

“Thanks for inviting us to your workshop. As you are aware, we are feeling quite despondent and unsettled now that we have been retrenched. Your workshop has inspired us and has been very useful.” (Corporate programme)

“I most definitely don’t regret attending the seminar. Andrew has a unique way of bringing his message across which made the course all the more enjoyable. The fact that he is very clued in on the latest trends in terms of job seeking in the industry is very impressive and he gets your buy in. The seminar has helped me identify many other skills and interests which are not being put to use currently but which I would enjoy very much. I now don’t feel so intimidated by having to be one of the many job-seekers as there are many more possibilities than I first thought. So I’m actually formulating my future plans with a lot of positive energy and knowledge that there is light at the end of the tunnel.” (Open career programme)

“Hello Andrew, Thank you very much for the wonderful session you presented yesterday afternoon. It really made me feel good and made me realize that all the emotions I currently experience are normal. It was also motivating for me to develop my interests more. I have not lost my job but want to have my plan B ready.” (Talk on job loss)

“The course meant so much to me personally – you’re right, one’s self confidence takes quite a knock, but after the course one is positive and excited about life again! I also want to recommend that the course be offered to the people that are left behind. Personally I also have good news in the sense that I already joined a realtor where I will start next year, but I am still looking ahead to my dream job!” (Business School Programme)

[Company email] “Dear Colleagues,
Leaving a company through redundancy or early retirement can be a daunting and stressful experience, and we have some idea of the strain you have been living under since the initiation of [name of retrenchment process] at the beginning of January this year. Now that the decision has been taken for you to part ways with the Company, whether reached voluntarily or forced upon you, you are now faced with the prospect of life after [Company]. In order to help you land on your feet, we have engaged one of the top Career Consultants, Andrew Bramley, to run a two day workshop for our retrenched employees. The 2-day program covers three key areas, namely: a) How to decide what you want to do with your career now, using your favourite skills and interests b) How to research new careers and job hunt effectively (this includes those who want to start their own businesses) c) How to package what you would like to do, and which you will need to present to prospective employers and/or clients. We wish to encourage you to make full use of this opportunity, whether you are clear about what the next chapter of your life will entail or not. You will not regret attending it.” (Retrenchment support project)

“Just a moment out of a very hectic few days (since we left there on Friday) to say a huge thank you for the most memorable learning experience I had in my life! I learned so much from you, and I feel both drained to the bone and energised at the same time. I have learned so much, about others, but especially about myself.” (Assertive Leadership Programme)

“Your course has made a big difference in both my personal and career lives. I’ve always found it difficult to express my feelings and to address issues, and now that I have the tools to do this, I feel ‘heard’. Of course, just when you think you know how to deal with things and you have it all under control, life throws you a curveball (or 3). Having the right tools has enabled me to recognise when I fall into the hate tapes trap or have irrational thoughts, and I’ve been able to deal with this much more effectively than I would have been able to in the past. You’ve also taught us to be kind to ourselves, so when life happens and I make mistakes, I try to be kinder and gentler with myself. Once again, thank you for the big difference you’ve made in my life – I appreciate the effort you put in!” (Assertive Leadership Programme)

“Thank you for all your personal input during our training. I am using the skills you taught and it works wonders.” (Assertive Leadership Programme)

“Thank you for an unforgettable learning experience.” (Assertive Leadership Programme)

“Thank you for the most memorable 3½ days. It’s instilled in me a certain amount of boldness to speak openly about what I want. Secondly, I have had a realization about what I need to concentrate on, particularly that which I’ve neglected over the past few months.” (Assertive Leadership)

“Thank you, Andrew for a stunning course. To me it was the experience of a lifetime. The no-nonsense way in which you present the course has made it a lot easier to share my feelings in front of strangers. Thanks for the 5 steps.” (Assertive Leadership)

“My team and I had an unbelievable week with Andrew Bramley on his Assertive Leadership Programme. The impact on my team is phenomenal; a real life altering experience.”

“Hi Colleagues and Andrew. I am sending this email because I will not be able to attend the opening of your Assertive Leadership Programme. I will be with you in spirit. I have full confidence that you will enjoy the ALP session as well as Andrew Bramley’s presentation. I attended this programme in 2005 with my management team and it was definitely one of the best development courses I have done in my 24 years at this organisation. Relax and enjoy the course!!”

“Some years ago, whilst working at [corporation], I attended a workshop with you and which was probably the most useful workshop I have ever attended in my 20-year working experience.” (Assertive Leadership)

“Thanks again for four wonderful days. Thanks for the way you interact with the group. This course is definitely in another class and we all have learnt a lot and enjoyed it very much. I spoke to my manager and he wants the rest of the team to do the course in May.” (Assertive Leadership)

“As usual, we have received superb feedback from the delegates about the facilitator, Andrew Bramley.” (Corporate Assertive Leadership Programme)

“On behalf of my team, I would like to thank you for arranging the Assertive Leadership Programme. It is a profound course and a life-changing experience. The team participated openly and brought themselves into the process. We left with a feeling of optimism, being more comfortable in managing our interpersonal relationships both in our private lives as well as at work. We developed a whole new language of your stuff and my stuff and looking for the chicken. It was hard work but a very rewarding experience. It was also such a privilege to spend a week out of the office to experiment and challenge our existing mindsets. Compliments also to Andrew who presented very well and brought the concepts to the fore through dramatization and realistic case studies and examples. Thank you for investing in us.”

“The Training Manager and I experienced an overwhelming buzz when we visited the programme on Friday. The staff were believers in Assertive Leadership and started to see life in a different light. They are realizing that dealing with conflict is not scary and giving appreciation is simple. They are back in the office with new energy. From us as a management team, thank you. You are very special and have a unique approach in getting this information across. I believe you have found your niche and you are living your life’s work. Wishing you more energy and inspiration going forward.”

“The purpose of this email is to give you feedback regarding the Assertive Leadership course that we have attended last week. This course made more sense than any other course that I have ever attended in this Corporation. The contents were relevant and current and Andrew is excellent in his facilitation methods. Because real life scenarios were used, it was extremely helpful and can be applied in everyday life – at work and at home. I cannot see how one can stay the same after attending this course. It can only have a positive impact on each and every person that attended it – it is life changing!”

“It is some time since I have completed the 4-day Assertive Leadership course which you facilitated in the mountains for us. I would just like to thank you and also give you some feedback which I think is the best compliment I can give to you. There have been no earth shattering changes in my life since learning the skills of assertive leadership. I didn’t expect it anyway. What is more important is the little changes which have occurred. These changes have left me more in control, not only of my personal life but also of my professional life. I am less frantic about things and take myself less seriously. Strangely I am less stressed, more able to cope and in much better control of my life. The results are tremendously satisfying and gratifying. I am privileged to have attended the programme. I just wish everyone I know could attend the programme as well. It would make things a lot easier.” (Assertive Leadership)

[Message to attendees] “Congratulations on being nominated by your Regional General Manager to attend Assertive Leadership presented by Andrew Bramley. The programme [now] forms part of the leadership training for all our financial advisors.”  (Corporate Assertive Leadership)

“Thank you for the work you have done with my team. The feedback was, once again, very positive.” (Team Assertive Leadership Programme)

“Without you today would not have been possible and such a special team-building day would have remained a dream. I hope that today will give you tons of positive energy, new paths be opened and new bridges be built.” (Change intervention)

“Thank you very much for a day full of fun and unbelievable input from your side! We enjoyed it tremendously.” (Change intervention)

“A huge thanks for a wonderful evening – the rest of the team have all asked me to let you know that it was fabulous to laugh while still learning an enormous amount. I loved it, and cannot believe that I was in such a bad space once, to want to leave such a great team!” (Change intervention)

“Thanks so much for Saturday. It was a very energizing and enriching day for all of us. We loved the way you got us all to be part of it and to realize each one’s value. We achieved what we set out to, which was to lay a good foundation for moving forward as a team and as leaders.” (Change intervention)

“I just want to thank you again for the help in facilitating the session with the [IT] team. This is probably one of the most strategic projects at this stage, and also the team that needs the most help in finding a focus. I think that yesterday’s session definitely helped to highlight the issues and to provide more focus for the team. The challenge now for us is to follow through on the actions identified. Thanks again for your willingness to assist”. (Change intervention)

“Thank you very much Andrew. As always, it has been a very positive experience to work with you and the session definitely meant a lot to our team.” (Corporate Values Workshop)

“Thank for you for the privilege to have a few life changing hours in your company. You gave me lifelong tools that will never go out of fashion.”

“On behalf of our committee, thank you for agreeing to do the presentation at our meeting. I’m afraid I have bad news for you. Now that we have discovered your talents, you will be a regular speaker at future meetings. You have a gift for lifting the spirits of people who are down and for helping them discover and explore new possibilities.” (Public Talk)

“Thank you for an insightful and interesting talk to our students. It was informative and I believe that it answered questions to which most students needed answers. Without fail, your talks are always interesting and thought provoking and I’m sure will get our students thinking about their career strategy.” (Business School Talk)

“It was a great pleasure to have met you and to have been able to attend your talk. I must admit that it was easily one of the most rewarding lectures I have attended here. I was thoroughly pleased with the skills that I gained through attending (one, which I am using now). Since the talk I have adopted this practice and continue to extend my network base.” (Business School Talk)

“Just a brief note of big thanks to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your talk last Thursday. As you can see, I work for one of the major oil companies and I just happened to be in town on business and as a member of the GSB was made aware of your talk. It was interesting how much of your talk was really about marketing strategy. This is an important part of what one has to do to make retrenched individuals have confidence to succeed in adding value to the world again.” (Business School Talk)

“Thank you for an invigorating speech last Wednesday night. It is always good to hear confirmation that what one believes and practices, in respect to management, is accurate. It is my belief that when one is comfortable in one’s own skin, there is no need to feel threatened by anyone and therefore, one can treat all people with warmth and respect.” (Corporate Talk)

“Thanks for your talk last night. I found it and your post-talk advice to be very valuable and I am one of the bored people you referred to. I want a change of scenery and a new challenge.” (Career programme Introductory Talk)

“I still think you are the most inspiring motivational speaker I have encountered.” (Corporate Talk)

“I attended your lecture at the conference on Friday and was very impressed. The manner in which you conducted the lecture was very sincere and the contents very clear and helpful. I chatted to some of the other attendees and they agreed that you lecture was the highlight of the conference!” (Corporate Talk)

“This comes with deep gratitude for your input today. May lives be changed forever.” (Public Talk)

“Thank you so much for the talk today. You have no idea how relevant it is to my life at the moment.” (Business School Talk)

“I am sorry that I could not attend you talk last week, but I did recommend it to a few people whom I thought would benefit. One of the people who went has been going through a major career crisis. She wrote me an email saying your talk was BRILLIANT. I thought I would pass on the compliment. She did introduce herself to you and possibly told you that I had sent her your way. Once again thank you for your wisdom. You are my long distance mentor.” (Business School Talk)

“Andrew, my staff is still talking about you. They really enjoyed the discussion on Friday. I have received verbal feedback as well as emails and the general sense is that people took away material to continue learning by themselves. The session was impactful and meaningful. I am looking forward to collaborating further with you.” (Corporate Talk)

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