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We provide a series of powerful public and in-house programmes to help people lead themselves and their careers more proactively, and then to truly empower other people to achieve results.

Assertive Leadership Programme

assertive leadership programme

This is a transformational programme about behaviour choice. Learn a powerful system to lead yourself and other people in the workplace. Build more productive work relationships to achieve results. Four full days or modular. Read More

Advanced Assertive Leadership

advanced assertive leadership

Take your leadership skills to the next level once you have completed our Assertive Leadership Programme. Learn to work with timing and motivation. Ask better questions. Deal with difficult people. Create a proactive and empowering culture at all levels of your organisation. Four full days or modular. Read More

Culture Change Projects

Culture change projects

Organisations don't change behaviour, people do. Drive culture change by helping leaders at all levels of your organisation make more inspiring behaviour choices as they lead themselves and other people. Create the culture you want in an empowering and sustainable way.

Team Interventions

team interventions

Make better behaviour choices in your team. Increase proactivity. Create ownership. Build better work relationships. Drive collaboration. Stop 'game playing'. Develop a results-focused team. Four full days or modular. Read More

Career Boot Camps

career boot camps

Learn six powerful systems to make better career choices at all ages and stages of your life. Decide what you want. Find your best skills. Create your own development plan. Package coherently what you have to offer and job hunt more effectively. Four full days or modular. Read More

Customised Corporate Projects

customised corporate projects

We create customised projects to support management and staff through restructuring, job loss and retirement.

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