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We provide a growing selection of self-managed conversations to have with yourself, with friends, with colleagues or with your own clients. We also provide customised online solutions for organisations.

We work with Corporations, Business Schools and Online with Individuals anywhere in the world.

Take it to the next level.
One on one consultation to help you grow!

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Corporate Conversations

We provide customised solutions for corporate companies.

Create projects to drive personal career development in your organisation.
Have better career conversations. Ask better questions. Stimulate growth.
Create ownership for careers in a turbulent and changing workplace. Make
career conversations accessible to employees anywhere, anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a short list of questions we are asked most frequently by our subscribers. If you don't see the answer to your question here, please
mail us at and we will reply to you individually.

We update conversations in response to client feedback and also where we believe it would enhance the conversation. Our conversations are however well tried and tested over many years so you can use them with confidence. Let us know if you have any suggestions for new conversations, we would love to hear from you at

Once you log into the website, on the top right menu, you will find a link, Your Membership. All your membership details will be available with a link to Upgrade or Change your membership.

We love that you can now have a conversation with yourself! Sometimes you need expert advice, right? But these online conversations are also great to use with friends, family, clients you may be coaching or with colleagues in the workplace. Give up sitting at airports checking social media. Use the gift of time to check in with your new online 'career therapist'. Test your thoughts. Follow great links. Make more inspiring choices.

You can stop and save a conversation at any point. Just click 'save and continue' underneath the question. You will receive a link to go back to that conversation. You can elect to have this sent to you be by email. The link expires after 30 days.

The information you have saved will be stored for 30 days after which it will be erased.

When you have finished all the questions in a conversation, you will have the option to email your responses to an address of your choice. This needn't be your own email address.

The easiest way would be to send them this link ( We encourage you to share this with people in your life and at work. The workplace is demanding and many people are struggling to make new choices. Give them the gift of a conversation with themselves.

No. The content on this site is copyrighted and belongs to Career Warriors. You can print out your answers for personal use only. We hate to be nasty, but if we find organisations copying and using our material without written permission we will call in the heavyweights, at their expense. We ask that you please respect our work that has taken many years to look as simple as it does now. We do customised projects for corporations, so contact us to create a cost-effective solution for your organisation.

No. We do not provide any career tests. A large number of tests are however available through many service providers and online. Instead, we use a wide range of tools and processes to help you make better choices. We would encourage you to consider the results from career tests you have done, but don't allow them, or anyone, to dictate what you want to do. Remember that you fill them in. Your choices belong to you, don't give them away.

We offer consulting, workshops, special projects and online solutions for corporations. Our online solutions allow organisations to give employees access to great conversations anywhere in the world. Corporations have the option of using their own branding on conversations. Speak to us about designing a customised solution for your business.

We offer individual consultations at our offices in Cape Town and online to individuals anywhere in the world. We also offer a selection of open workshops and run programmes and special projects for Corporations.

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