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The Four Problems

How will you know what to do next?

Well, that depends on where you are now! Only once you know what the problem is, can you make focused choices about what to do next. That way you get to avoid impulsive decisions, some expensive trial and errors or making no choices at all.

We have discovered over many years of consulting that there are four problems people face in their work lives.

You may be struggling with any one of them, or a combination, or even all four.

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The Career Warriors®Action System

We have designed the Career Warriors® Action System to help you solve these problems in a very practical way.

Our system integrates some of the best thinking in the world to help you take charge of your career and your life.

It is designed around these four key areas: YOU + DECIDE + ACT + WORK. Below is a diagram that explains each sub-system and what it does.

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