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Empower yourself, your team and your organisation to get results in an open, supportive and collaborative way.




Career Warriors® Assertive Leadership Programme

Set yourself free to make better choices in your career and your life.

Learn to lead yourself. Become your own work ‘therapist’ and make choices that are good for you, your team and your business. How can you lead other people if you can’t lead yourself?

Beyond your personality, your ‘style’ and your ‘type’, is your Behaviour; it drives your own success, it empowers teams and it creates organisational culture.

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Career Warriors® Empowered Careers Programme

This 4-day career programme is ideal for managers and individuals in the corporate workplace and beyond.

Career management is no longer reserved for the so-called "high flyer", but for anyone who wants to take charge of their career and make their best contribution.

Master 8 critical career systems, have better career conversations, make better choices and take action to empower your career and those you lead.

Contact us to arrange an in-house programme to complement your existing talent management and career development initiatives.


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Career Warriors® Retreat

Now you can have your career crisis at the sea. Join us for a 4-day Career Retreat, no matter what career choices you need to make.

Slow down, connect with other people, walk on the beach, climb the dunes, have profound conversations.

Join us in the small fishing village of Arniston, a mere 2.5 hours from Cape Town, which TIME magazine has called one of the top ten hideaways in the world.

COST: R10 000 per person. Includes teas and lunch. Accommodation available to suit every pocket - you can even camp.

Contact us to join our next retreat.

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