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Assertive Leadership Programme

Lead yourself. Lead your Career. Lead your life.

Learn a powerful system to make more inspiring behaviour choices. Build productive work relationships. Empower yourself and other people. Take action and get results.

This 4-day programme (full-time or modular online) provides a powerful system to turn collaborative and proactive behaviour into a habit.

It also turns leadership theory into practice by helping you develop the mindset and the competencies to make better leadership choices in the workplace.

We bring elements of leadership, psychology and personal management together to give you better insight into your current choices, to challenge your thinking patterns and understand the values that drive those choices. This then allows you to actively lead yourself and other people in an empowering way.

You will gain insight into those behaviours that cause conflict, resentment, irritation and misunderstanding, then gain the competence and mindset to interact with others in a co-operative, direct and mutually respectful manner.

Effective career leadership drives better work relationships, appreciation of diversity and career ownership in a changing workplace. The programme also supports effective culture change as it embraces a spirit of collaboration at all levels of the organisation.

Assertive Leadership Content

  1. Behaviour choice – The behaviour choices we have and the impact those choices have on work relationships, careers and organisations

  2. Mindset – How beliefs and attitudes determine behaviour choices and feelings of well-being

  3. The results format – A powerful system to identify issues and empower yourself and other people to seek workable solutions

  4. Listening – The power of empathetic listening to truly understand your own needs and the needs of other people

  5. Creating win-win outcomes – Dealing with demands and requests assertively without being unhelpful

  6. Sharing opinions – Sharing opinions and ideas more confidently whilst also embracing the ideas of others

  7. Sharing feedback – The power of authentic positive and negative feedback to lead other people

  8. Receiving feedback – Receiving positive and negative feedback in a helpful and constructive manner, even when it is confrontational

  9. Managing anger – How to deal with your own anger in conflict situations

  10. Making choices – How to make tough choices in your career and your life.

Advanced Assertive Leadership Content

  1. Review your own progress and integration of assertive leadership behaviours into your role, your team and your organisation.

  2. Understand the impact of different leadership behaviours on people and their outputs – why do some behaviours work and others don’t?

  3. Learn to use different levels of listening and employ tactical empathy to daily interactions (lessons from the FBI)

  4. Identify the tangible and intangible needs of other people to optimise engagement and motivation towards outcomes and results

  5. Increase the receptiveness of people whose motivation or willingness to co-operate is low

  6. Learn to manage in a crisis: lessons from the Antarctic

  7. Learn to use different kinds of questions to optimise engagement and collaboration

  8. Create tailor-made strategies to lead people as individuals

  9. Understand the different kinds of teams and how to manage each of them for optimal engagement and outcome

  10. What to do when leading people is tough and you seem to have run out of options.

Who would benefit?

  • Leaders at all levels of the organisation who want to empower themselves and other people more effectively

  • Teams who need to develop the competencies to interact in an honest, direct and unthreatened manner in order to develop a climate of trust

  • Individuals who want to improve their relationship skills in the workplace, or need to acquire more sophisticated skills to manage ‘difficult’ people

  • New entrants in the workplace who need to develop the skills and confidence to manage themselves and their careers

  • Since interpersonal skills are a key competence in the workplace, anyone who is expected to achieve results by working with and through people.

Individual outcomes

  • Eliminate ‘game-playing’ in relationships with others

  • Interact with others with respect for their dignity and ideas

  • Receive criticism in a mature and non-defensive way

  • Turn interpersonal conflict into a win-win situation

  • Manage interpersonal demands without rejecting the other person

  • Accept themselves and others regardless of age, gender, race or culture

  • Communicate and raise opinions more confidently

  • Empower themselves and other people to achieve results

  • Make better behaviour choices in their careers and in their lives.

Team outcomes

This is a powerful team intervention since it builds a culture of co-operation, openness and accountability for results.

  • Build a culture of co-operation, openness and accountability for results

  • Build a strong people-orientation that helps build trust between team members, staff and clients

  • Develop a proactive and problem-solving culture, reducing defensiveness and a ‘moan’ culture

  • Communicate better and be more cohesive as a team

  • Make better decisions as a team

  • Create more energy and confidence within the team

  • Develop empathy for each other and their clients

  • Listen better and ask better questions

  • Let go of ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of productive work

  • Work towards a common goal

  • Share thoughts more openly

  • Embrace imperfection and strive for excellence

  • Develop a common language to address issues and get things done.

Leadership outcomes

The result is not just a good leader in the workplace, but someone who is easier to get on with at home and work, someone with a new outlook on life, increased confidence and a more positive attitude.

As a leadership intervention it helps those in positions of leadership and influence at all levels of the organisation to access their own growth and encourage it in others.

They will not only learn to hold themselves and others accountable for delivery, but also to establish good relationships based on dignity and mutual respect.

Read more about why behaviour is a choice:


“Just a moment out of a very hectic few days to say a huge thank you for the most memorable learning experience I had in my life! I learned so much from you, and I feel both drained to the bone and energised at the same time. I have learned so much, about others, but especially about myself”. (Assertive Leadership Programme)


“Your course has made a big difference in both my personal and career lives. I’ve always found it difficult to express my feelings and to address issues, and now that I have the tools to do this, I feel ‘heard’. Of course, just when you think you know how to deal with things and you have it all under control, life throws you a curveball (or three). Having the right tools has enabled me to recognise when I fall into the hate tapes trap or have irrational thoughts, and I’ve been able to deal with this much more effectively than I would have been able to in the past. You’ve also taught us to be kind to ourselves, so when life happens and I make mistakes, I try to be kinder and gentler with myself. Once again, thank you for the big difference you’ve made in my life – I appreciate the effort you put in!” (Assertive Leadership Programme)


“Thank you for all your personal input during our training. I am using the skills you taught and it works wonders.” (Assertive Leadership Programme)


“Thank you for an unforgettable learning experience”. (Assertive Leadership Programme)


“Thank you for the most memorable 3½ days. It’s instilled in me a certain amount of boldness to speak openly about what I want. Secondly, I have had a realization about what I need to concentrate on, particularly that which I’ve neglected over the past few months.” (Assertive Leadership Programme)


“Thank you, Andrew for a stunning course. To me it was the experience of a lifetime. The no-nonsense way in which you present the course has made it a lot easier to share my feelings in front of strangers. Thanks for the 5 steps.” (Assertive Leadership Programme)


“My team and I had an unbelievable week with Andrew Bramley on his Assertive Leadership Programme. The impact on my team is phenomenal; a real life-altering experience.”


“Thanks Andrew, thank you so much for your input. The feedback has been amazing from this group. You have touched the people deeply. You are quite amazing. Thanks again.” (Review from Senior Manager whose team attended our Assertive Leadership Programme)


“Hi Andrew, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you afforded me in attending Assertive Leadership. I really appreciate it. I found the course extremely useful and beneficial, and hope to use the skills in my work and personal life. Thanks again for the course which was extremely well presented by yourself. You are excellent at your job!”  (Open Assertive Leadership Programme)


“Good morning Andrew and colleagues. A huge thank you for last week. Not only was it empowering, but the structure allowed us to get to know each other better and bond as a team, so thank you Andrew for that. Stay blessed!!!” (Team Assertive Leadership Programme)


“I echo my colleague’s sentiments and want to thank you for the most exhausting training ever received. I say that tongue in cheek, however it was quite an emotional journey. I have learned valuable lessons and will try my best to apply. My goal is definitely to create win-win results.” (Assertive Leadership Programme)


[Email] “I would like to express my gratitude to you first of all for allowing me to attend the Andrew Bramley course last week. I found it very interesting, it was well structured and I really enjoyed the mix of theory and practical work. I believe I have taken away a lot of positive things from the course and have been able to identify in my private life (as well as work) ways to put the lessons into practice. Andrew Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I have found the experiencing powerful and thoroughly enjoyable No words can describe the appreciation.  I know that you will continue to provide this wonderful opportunity to others everywhere because you do have a gift that needs to be heard. As I have mentioned to you I have been fortunate enough to have attended a number of courses aimed at providing insight and guidance into leadership, but none has provided a lasting impression in the way you portrayed. The depth of understanding and the ability to convey that understanding so that it makes sense to everyone present left me ready, willing and able to make positive changes to my work and my personal life. The role plays were definitely much enjoyed as real-life scenarios enables a better understanding into achieving the best results.  What was amazing is that you touched on all the right stuff and the current situation we all faced it was so real. You have changed my mind and without force to put the learning into practice and reap the benefits not only as individuals but also as team members and leaders.” (Corporate Assertive Leadership Programme)


“I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you for last week. You are an excellent facilitator and I learned so much from listening to the way you say things. You use words very well and in such a kind way. Your tone of voice instils confidence and is so gentle that I never felt intimidated or criticised. This resulted in my being able to take in so much information and nuggets of knowledge for future and even immediate use/practice. The course was life affirming for me in many ways, as I mentioned to you, and enlightening in other ways. My sincere thanks and warm regards, also, to your wonderful team. (Assertive Leadership Programme)


“Hi Colleagues and Andrew. I am sending this email because I will not be able to attend the opening of your Assertive Leadership Programme. I will be with you in spirit. I have full confidence that you will enjoy the ALP session as well as Andrew Bramley’s presentation. I attended this programme in 2005 with my management team and it was definitely one of the best development courses I have done in my 24 years at this organisation. Relax and enjoy the course!!”


“Some years ago, whilst working at [corporation], I attended a workshop with you [Assertive Leadership] and which was probably the “most useful workshop I have ever attended in my 20-year working experience.”


“Thanks again for four wonderful days. Thanks for the way you interact with the group. This course is definitely in another class and we all have learnt a lot and enjoyed it very much. I spoke to my manager and he wants the rest of the team to do the course in May.” (Assertive Leadership)


“As usual, we have received superb feedback from the delegates about the facilitator, Andrew Bramley” (Assertive Leadership).


“On behalf of my team, I would like to thank you for arranging the Assertive Leadership Programme. It is a profound course and a life-changing experience. The team participated openly and brought themselves into the process. We left with a feeling of optimism, being more comfortable in managing our interpersonal relationships both in our private lives as well as at work. We developed a whole new language of your stuff and my stuff and looking for the chicken. It was hard work but a very rewarding experience. It was also such a privilege to spend a week out of the office to experiment and challenge our existing mindsets. Compliments also to Andrew who presented very well and brought the concepts to the fore through dramatization and realistic case studies and examples. Thank you for investing in us.”


“The Training Manager and I experienced an overwhelming buzz when we visited the programme on Friday. The staff were believers in Assertive Leadership and started to see life in a different light. They are realizing that dealing with conflict is not scary and giving appreciation is simple. They are back in the office with new energy. From us as a management team, thank you. You are very special and have a unique approach in getting this information across. I believe you have found your niche and you are living your life’s work. Wishing you more energy and inspiration going forward.”


“The purpose of this email is to give you feedback regarding the Assertive Leadership Programme that we have attended last week. This course made more sense than any other course that I have ever attended in this Corporation. The contents were relevant and current and Andrew is excellent in his facilitation methods. Because real life scenarios were used, it was extremely helpful and can be applied in everyday life – at work and at home. I cannot see how one can stay the same after attending this course. It can only have a positive impact on each and every person that attended it – it is life changing!”


“It is some time since I have completed the 4-day course which you facilitated in the mountains for us. I would just like to thank you and also give you some feedback which I think is the best compliment I can give to you. There have been no earth shattering changes in my life since learning the skills of assertive leadership. I didn’t expect it anyway. What is more important is the little changes which have occurred. These changes have left me more in control, not only of my personal life but also of my professional life. I am less frantic about things and take myself less seriously. Strangely I am less stressed, more able to cope and in much better control of my life. The results are tremendously satisfying and gratifying. I am privileged to have attended the programme. I just wish everyone I know could attend the programme as well. It would make things a lot easier.” (Assertive Leadership)


“Congratulations on being nominated by your Regional General Manager to attend Assertive Leadership Programme by Andrew Bramley. This is now part of the leadership training for all our Financial Advisors.”


“Thank you for the work you have done with my team. The feedback was, once again, very positive.” (Team Assertive Leadership)


“Thanks again for four wonderful days. Thanks for the way you interact with the group. This course is definitely in another class and we all have learnt a lot and enjoyed it very much. I spoke to my manager and he wants the rest of the team to do the course in May.” (Assertive Leadership)

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