Assertive Leadership


How will you lead yourself and your career more assertively?




Career Warriors® Assertive Leadership Programme

Do you want to make better behaviour choices to lead yourself and other people more effectively?

Career Warriors® Assertive Leadership Programme (ALP) is the programme that sets you free to make choices in your career, your behaviour and your life. It continues to be a sought-after and impactful programme for leaders at all levels. It is a powerful team intervention and creates a business culture that is collaborative and results-focused.

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Career Warriors® ADVANCED Assertive Leadership

Are you ready for the next step in your Assertive Leadership journey?

Career Warriors® ADVANCED Assertive Leadership Programme (AALP) is a programme designed for those who have already attended the Career Warriors® Assertive Leadership Programme and who want to develop more sophisticated skills to lead themselves and other people in the workplace. The programme takes up to 12 people and is distinguished by the focus on practical coaching and meeting the developmental needs of participants.

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Career Warriors® Essential Career Conversations

When last did you have a good career conversation in your organisation? How do managers in your organisation have career conversations? How well are you developing and retaining talented people in your organisation?

This 4-day programme of essential career conversations is designed for managers and mentors in the corporate workplace.

Have better career conversations, make better choices for yourself and help other people take charge of their careers as they make choices for themselves.

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Career Warriors® Boot Camp

Is it time to think about your career again? 

Do you want to make a more significant contribution? Do you want more certainty about what you want to do?

The Career Warriors® Boot camp is a 4-day open programme for anyone facing choices or who wants to take more action in their careers.

Have profound conversations and learn a system to make choices and take focused action.

The programme is ideal for:

  • Career professionals who want to make their best contribution
  • Individuals considering a mid-life career change
  • Individuals considering self-employment and small-business owners
  • Individuals facing retrenchment and who need to make new choices and find work
  • Individuals facing retirement and who are not ready to give up work
  • Individuals who want to get back into the job market for any reason
  • Anyone wanting to find their mission and more purpose in their work life
  • Parents, teachers and coaches who want to use these tools to help other people

Join us for four days and learn a powerful system to make choices and take action at any stage of your life.

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