Solving the Four Problems

We have discovered that there are four problems people face in their work lives.

Problem 1 = Themselves

Many people are doing their best, but they are getting in their own way. It's not their career choice, their gender, their qualifications or their level of job competence but the behaviour choices they make. They have difficulty leading themselves, other people and their business. This is getting in the way of making progress and achieving results.

They may be well established in a career but lack confidence, assertiveness or the ability to lead and empower other people. Perhaps they 'rub people up the wrong way' and can't work out why. In the face of change and progress they remain passive and reactive in the workplace. They are often frustrated by their inability to take action, stand their ground or to make choices for themselves. They feel other people run their lives and they want them back.

When you learn to manage your behaviour, your emotions and your thinking, you have more control over the choices in your life, your career, your business and your organisation. You are then in a position to empower others so that together you get things done and achieve results.

Problem 2 = Making Choices

Some people never make a choice at all. They simply follow the next job, the next promotion or the next ‘flavour of the month’. They climb whatever ladder is put in front of them without question. Then they wonder why they are less than fulfilled, are not growing and feel disconnected from their work. Their work lacks any kind of significance for them and they don't feel like they are making a contribution that matters.

When you begin to make choices that are good for you, you make a contribution you care about. You start growing, feeling more connected to other people and begin to create success that is important for you and those you serve.

Problem 3 = Taking Action

Talk is cheap they say. ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ reads the bumper sticker on the car in front of you. Dreaming is essential, but if you never take action nothing can come of it. 

There are many good people with knowledge, know-how, ideas, dreams and even passion who don't move forward. They may be keen to take action, but don't know how to explore alternatives or where to start.

Sometimes just the thought of taking action can be paralysing. The way ahead feels overwhelming. And so they continue on the same path hoping something will change. And it may, but not in the way they want it to. They may even have a career spanning twenty years, but realise they have in fact just done the same year twenty times over.

Maybe you just don't know how or where to start and what the next step is. Sometimes it takes only one small step to begin the journey, but you still have to take it.

Problem 4 = Finding Work

Whether you are a corporation, a team, a small business or an individual, you need to find people who need what you do and are willing to pay for it.

Many very talented, well qualified and competent people are not finding positions where they can add most value or that matters to them.

Sometimes the problem for individuals and businesses is their difficulty in packaging what they do in a helpful way. What they offer remains muddy and vague; even they have difficulty explaining it! Others have difficulty finding people who need them at all. Finding work can be tough, demoralising and tiring.

Job hunting is not reserved for those who are changing careers or out of a job, but for anyone who wants to market themselves within their existing organisation, extend their role, take on a more senior role or be part of a new project.

Once you learn to job hunt with focus and action, you are on your way to doing the work you really want to do and where you can make your best contribution.

Our Solution

We have designed the Career Warriors® Action System in the shape of a bow and arrow to help you solve these problems . The target is finding WORK that matters to you as an individual and a business. The goal will always be driven by YOU and the people in your business. Your success, however, is determined by the CHOICES you make and the ACTION you take.


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