The Career Warriors® Assertive Leadership programme is a premier 4-day programme about behaviour in the workplace.

Learn to empower yourself, your team and your organisation to get results in an open, supportive and collaborative way.




Career Warriors® Assertive Leadership programme

This programme is highly practical and provides significant insights into leadership, behaviour, how 'games' are played in the workplace and how belief systems drive our choices. At Career Warriors® we provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to understand themselves and master the skills to build relationships in the workplace, listen better, speak up, share feedback confidently and ask for help. Participants learn a powerful system to work with others to achieve results and to deal with conflict. We get regular feedback from teams and individuals that this is one of the most impactful programmes they have done in their work lives.

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For Individuals

Develop the confidence and skills to work productively with other people. Become more proactive. Learn to be assertive without being aggressive.

This is a powerful personal transformation programme. It helps individuals to gain insight into their own behaviour and the behaviour of other people. Participants will learn the skills to work collaboratively with other people and to challenge the irrational beliefs that may be sabotaging their behaviour choices. The programme helps individuals to be more confident as they lead themselves and other people to achieve results.



For Teams

Help teams to communicate better. Learn a system to accurately identify issues and solve them. Avoid time-consuming misunderstandings and conflict.

This programme has a significant impact on teams that need to work together to achieve results. It helps teams to identify those behaviours that cause resentment, game-playing and lack of co-operation. Teams learn the skills to interact with each other and their clients in a proactive way. They will also learn to master an effective system to make choices and take action to meet personal and team objectives.


For Organisations

Create a culture that is proactive, collaborative and results-focused.

This is a powerful culture change tool to help organisations work together across functional boundaries. It helps to develop a culture that is open, participative, proactive and results focussed. Culture is, after all, how people behave. As these new behaviours become part of 'the way we do things around here' it drives out behaviour that is obstructive, time-wasting and costly. Organisations that can work together can win together.


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