Career management is not reserved for the so-called 'high-flyer' but for anyone who wants to grow and make their best contribution.

Career Warriors® can help you have better career conversations, make better choices and take action in your career and your  business.




Career Conversations for Managers

Have better career conversations to mobilise talent in your organisation. Engage effectively by asking better questions that address real issues. Acknowledge people as individuals and retain your best people.

Our customised career conversations are designed to help managers and staff to have more open and productive discussions about their careers. Career conversations are often relegated to the end of a performance review and end up as a list of training needs. Attracting, developing and retaining talent is an imperative for the modern organisation. We help managers and employees alike to engage confidently without setting unrealistic expectations or avoiding key issues.

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Retrenchment Programmes

Help people who are facing job loss through no fault of their own. Give them practical tools to use many times over in their lives. Help them to create alternatives and job hunt without relying exclusively on third parties.

We are well known for our practical retrenchment programmes where we give people tools to help themselves without being totally dependent on external placement agencies and advertised positions. Career Warriors gives support to managers through the change process. We provide large auditorium sessions to communicate to all staff how we will help those who are affected and to explain how those 'left behind' will also feel the impact of change and loss. We then invite all those losing their jobs to the practical workshops or individual sessions to learn to manage change , create employment alternatives and job hunt.

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Customised Programmes

Help people make better career choices and take action at any stage of life.

We design customised interventions for organisations and business schools. These are developed to help participants take stock of where they are in their careers and to develop a clear vision for their careers. It includes processes to discover their best skills, explore alternatives and to coherently present what they do to prospective employers or clients. We also provide processes to test career goals so that studies and development can be directed to support them.

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Individual Career Consultations

Make your unique contribution. Get clarity about how you want to develop yourself and your career. Decide what you need to do next.

We offer individual consultations to executives, managers, key staff, business owners and anyone who needs to make choices and take action. Sessions are done in person at our offices in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa or with clients anywhere in the world by telephone or skype.

We do not use any psychometric testing. Contact us for more information or to set up a consultation.

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